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Colleen Lindstrom

Dr. Colleen Lindstrom DC   is a healer for the 21st Century.  She partners with Moms, Dads and Children to support them in the discovery of their Authentic Self.  Through the modalities of  Chiropractic, Cranial Sacral and CoreIndividuation, she address not only the physical but also the emotional, mental and spiritual aspect.  By treating the whole being her technique produces great healing and transformation.  She is also the author of the up coming book titled 'Live Life Aligned', -How to Connect with Your Authentic Self.  Dr. Colleen is the creator of the program 'Healing our Children' and Teacher of Your Sacred Anatomy, 'Illuminated Body".  She is committed to your authenticity, your fullest expression of self and the creation of the life you desire.  

For more information about Dr. Colleen please visit or schedule a session over the phone or in person below.

-Our Vision-
Nuchii Marin

Colleen Lindstrom DC, created Nuchii in 2016

out of a passion to serve the world in a bigger way, a different way, a NEW (NU) WAY.


The word Nuchii was formulated over a glass of wine and the desire to create something NEW.  After the words NEW and Energy (chi) were used, the combustion of Nuchii was born!  Pronounced "new-chi", literally meaning new energy.  The word felt perfect.   The next piece feel into place like this... While I was  contemplating the name Nuchii and driving south on the curvy costal Highway 1, between Bolinas and San Francisco, I took a 180 degree turn and there is was painted in moss on the large bolder in the Mountain the "U" symbol with the open arms and a little head. I knew that was the "U" for our "U" in Nuchii.  Then came the "ii', the "I" represents You and the other "I" represents me, the "ii' is where we stand in partnership open to endless possibilities and witnessing the divinity that exists in each of us. At Nuchii in Sausalito & Point Reyes, we are committed to offering you sacred space and up leveling your offerings to create a more profound experience. We hold space for you to open the doorways of possibilities in transformation. We create a more peaceful, joyful world, by helping all beings remember their light and how to connect with that all knowing place inside.

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